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Clive Rodell

Competitive Sport and Beginner to Elite Training Experience,

spanning over 55 years

Rehab and Prehab experience in conjunction with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Sugeons for over 32 years

A.S.C.A. PCAS Strength and Conditioning Mentor Coach
Personal Trainer, Post Injury Rehabilitation
Over 40s Training

Sunshine Coast Qld
Home base, Nambour Heights area.

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Are you someone who just wants the best out of your training with an expert (1/1 or groups) Personal Trainer ?


Studying Certificate 3 in Fitness or Certificate 4 in Personal Training? An ASCA Coach Level 1 or 2 Coach,  E.P. or Physio? 

If So...

Let Clive's immense experience guide you contact him now!

Or Enquire about his Exercise Technique Course today! 

Information that most people never get switched onto!

Most good Trainers get to know and use 85% of the knowledge available, let Clive show you the 85-100%. That essential difference to outcomes and to lessen injury potential.




Attend one of Clive's Courses* or Seminars

*(see below for course details)


Also book Clive, for Staff Training, Customer Service Training, First Aid and CPR updates, and Corporate Speaking on Fitness, Health and Wellness.

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Bookings now being taken for my next Advanced Exercise Technique Course.


I can come direct to your facility and train a small group of your staff (5-30 participants)

10 CECs and 8 ASCA points


Early Bird Rates.

Group discounts available.



 About the course;


Hi there,

My name is Joel Costello and I am the Fitness Program Manager at Fitness First The Zone.

I am writing to you today to let you know about an amazing course I recently completed, Exercise Technique, by Clive Rodell.


The course was fantastic. Very in depth. Clive is like Yoda. It was a privilege to learn from someone with so much experience working with gen pop to elite athletes.

I loved the way Clive delivered his message and could sense when we should remain on a subject and when we should move forward.

I couldn't recommend his course enough, just hanging out and learning from this guy is a pleasure. SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE


Thanks in advance,

Joel Costello

What is in this course?

In this 2-day face-to-face PRACTICAL workshop, Clive explores subtle variations of the fundamentals and fine tunes individual techniques and customizes them to the individual.

It will act as a sounding board on ANY Gym based exercise (but not Olympic Weightlifting), that will enhance programme outcomes and increase long term safety.

Some things covered in this course:

Introduction of practical and convenient tools to analyze posture;

In depth evaluation of body type variations and the variances of technique philosophies;

A 2-hour Masterclass on squatting and deadlifting, containing innovative cues;

Communication tips;

Considerations and variations of different training modalities;

Grips, widths, R.O.M, angles.

Machines V Free Weights V Whatever discussion

C of G Shift Exercises;

Range of Motion considerations;

Resistance Training Recommendations;

Manipulations and Variation of Programme from beginner to Elite.

Programming 'unlocked'.

Rave Reviews
See More reviews under 'Testimonials'

Proven Track Record

Liane Fenwick.jpg

I achieved great results, when training under Clive's Programming and Guidance.
At one point I was rigorously tested by the A.I.S. and they told me I had achieved better results than previously.
They said "We don't know who he is, but stick with him"!

Liane Fenwick (Olympian)


Clive was my Coach and Mentor for over 10 years. Spanning my career from Top Amateur Junior Surfer to my time on the Professional Surfing World Tour
During that time, I achieved 2 x Australian Pro-Am Titles and One World Pro- Am Title

Merrick Davis ( Former Pro Tour Surfer and Surf School Owner )

2013-06-07 001 2013-06-07 003.JPG

I first met Clive, when he was the Operations Manager at the Harbord Diggers Club in 1991. His knowledge impressed me, so I asked him to be my Personal Trainer on an ongoing basis and specifically for my Cold Chisel and Ian Moss Tours. This association has endured the test of time and Clive is still my 'go-to' for Fitness and training advice.

Ian Moss ( Cold Chisel Guitarist )




Clive was first introduced to Weight Training in 1973, by British Pursuit Cycling Champion Derek Hunt. Derek passed on some of the European training tips, at that time the U.K. Cyclists were not utilising these methods.

A Natural Progression ensued, as the experience of strength and conditioning bore fruits at the top end of the U.K. Surfing Scene. Clive's hunger for learning was next Enhanced by one of Britain's top Track and Field Conditioners.

Clive moved to Australia's Gold Coast from Cornwall and he continued his learning from Body Building Champions.

Clive also got heavily embroiled in the Australian Surfing scene, as both a Professional Coach (including A.S.P. Pro Tour surfers), and major event Judge, Kirra Surfriders Club Coach (which also included winning the Senior Men's trophy in the prestigious Kirra Surfriders Club). In the early 90s Clive was Queenscliff Boardriders Coach.

A move to Sydney, in 1990, saw an introduction to the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and the luminaries at the Narrabeen Academy of Sport (eventually these Luminaries would be known as the best of NSWIS).

A mix of work included running the Manly and Collaroy Aloha Surf Shops, plus many guises in the fitness industry as a Lecturer, Gym Instructor and Operations Manager at the famous Harbord Diggers Club.

In 1994 during his 12 year employment at The 'Diggers', Clive was responsible for (80-90% of) the design and implementation of, (at that time), one of the State of the Art facilities in Australia. As Operations Manager Clive ran the day to day operations of the Gym, 25mtr Pool, Rostering, Employment etc.

He started an Athlete Scholarship Progamme for the area's top athletes. This Scholarship Programme drew in athletes including; Layne Beachley, Sandon Stolle, Elke Graham, George Gregan and a host of others.

This association led to a successful association with several of the Athletes, including World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley and Olympian Liane Fenwick, Sydney to Hobart crew members and more.

In the 90s, Clive became a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, worked as a lecturer at Loftus TAFE, spoke on the 90s fitness circuit (including Filex), achieved 3rd in the Sydney Masters Surfing category, Coached Elite NSW Surfing Cadets, spoke at Cycling Coaches Courses, Pioneered Indoor Cycle Training on real bikes, (Teaching workshops and exhibition work, using carefully selected BPM music to scientifically mimic real cycling and adherence to the BPM/RPM ). After attending one of Clive's workshops, someone later claimed this as his idea!

Won C grade in Manly Warringah Cycle Club, trained Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss, Singer Steve Clisby, Bass Player Craig Calhoun and many more. He provided Customer Service training to the Billy Hyde's music stores, Leisure Co and Fitness First. Clive also has many other side projects and interests.

Clive started his own PT business in 2002 and still runs that alongside lecturing on Cert 3 and 4 Fitness (PT) and Diploma of Sport courses, He also does International speaking gigs on Elite Training. Including Surfing Medicine International Conferences, U.K. Universities and various others. Elite Surfer training/advisement to ASP, APSA and WQS surfers including Layne Beachley, Chris Davidson, Shane Herring, Rob Bain, Craig Pichers, Neal Purchase Junior, Allyse Cooper, Alyssa Spencer, Sophia Bernard, Austin Ware, Noah Cohen and Elite World Class Coach Brad Gerlach, Mentoring ASCA Coaches, plus writing articles, courses, Corporate lectures, Webinars.

Experience counts!

Experience Counts!

Need help to achieve better and safer results for your training or clients? I use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success.


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Notice, that if you 'stood me upright' I would have good posture.
That is what the Plank Exercise is meant to enhance.
Next time you see one being performed, check the posture from the 'upright stance perspective', then you'll know whether it is being taught/performed correctly!

Clive Bosu Plank.JPG




Teaching Surfing Watergate Bay, UK (aged 14-16) Surfing Lessons to beginners

Golf Caddy

 Teaching Lower Grades Wado Ryu Karate (aged 18-21) St. Austell Karate Club

Café Restaurant Service Work

Security Carlyon Bay Entertainment Complex 3 years (78-81)

Stage Security Reading Pop Festival 1977

English China Clay Research and development dept 10yrs (relevant qualifications, Science and Chemistry)

E.C.C. Overseas Mineral Processing Research Placement

Water Polo Town Rep

St Austell Wheelers Club Competition Cycling

Soccer Town Rep

Competition Karate

Competition Squash

Surfing Competitions Area to International

Constantine Bay Surfing Club Champion

GB Championships 2nd British Jnr 1973

South West England Area Champion

Athlete Sponsorship;  Surfer and Team Captain (Tiki International) (78-82)

Contest Organiser (University Surfing Championships, South West Area Surfing Championships)

England Team Captain (Surfing)

UK and England Rep, National, European and International Events

UK and England Team Manager, European and International Events

International Surfing Judge Amateur and Professional (1978 Gunston 500 )

British Surfing Association Board Member

Invitee to meet Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace

White Collar Staff Union delegate (middle grade employee, dealing with Managerial Board)

Moved to Gold Coast of Australia 1982

International Judge at First Billabong Pro

Professional Surfing Coach and Trainer 1983-1995

Kirra Surfriders Senior Men’s Champion 1989

Kirra Surfriders Club Coach

One of the First Surfing Australia Accredited Surf Coach

Professional Surf Coach to World Pro-Am Champion and 2 x Australian Pro-Am Champion, World Tour Competitor (Merrick Davis)

Including Sponsorship Liaison.

Professional Surf Coach to many Gold Coast Surfers including Neal Purchase Junior, Craig Pitchers.

Australian Pro-Am Tour Judge 1983-1994

Athlete Sponsorship Surfer (Neal Purchase snr, Kirra Surf, Rip Curl, Wavelength)

Team Manager Kirra-Surf surf team, mid-80s to 1990

Relocation to Sydney mid 1990

Fitness employment, 3 Major Gyms

Aerobic, Cycle, Circuit and Stretch Classes, Resistance Training programming (Beginner to Elite Athlete) 

Boomas Gym, Harbord Diggers Gym, Rankin Sisters, Manly Leagues and other facilities

Surfing Australia Accredited Coach 1984

 Surfing Australia Elite Cadets Coach at Narrabeen Academy of Sport

Mentoring from the Elite Narrabeen Academy Coaches (which became NSWIS Homebush)

Operations Manager Harbord Diggers Gym 1990

Aloha Surf Shop(s) Manager, Manly/Collaroy 1990-1991

Sydney Masters Championships 1991 3d place

Operations Manager Harbord Diggers Gym 1990, 1991-2002

Responsible for Facility design and refurbishment (90%) of the Harbord Diggers Gym 1994

Staff recruitment, Staff Training, Staff Rostering, Swimming Pool Management, OH&S, Customer Service, Class Teaching, Programming, Reception, Cycle Class design and implementation, Athlete Training, Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator and Referral Liaison

Athlete Scholarship Programme Concept and Roll Out (Georgie Gregan, Elke Graham, Layne Beachley, Julian Prosser, many more)

Model for the Duke Kahanamoku Statue

GutBusters Lecturer Northern Beaches

Fitness Circuit (Sydney) Speaker

Filex Speaker 1997

Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1

Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 2 to 1998

Personal Assistant to Ian Moss (Cold Chisel guitar player) 2004-ongoing

Training of Athletes in multiple Sports; Karate, Sydney to Hobart Crew Members, A Grade Cyclist, Olympian Volleyball Player, Ice Hockey, Dragon Boat Racing, Formula 1 powerboat Captain (Team Australia), Marathon Running, Snowboarding, Skiing, Soccer.

Started PT business 2002

Manager Hurstville Sports Centre 2003

RTO Trainer and Assessor in Sport and recreation, plus related Certificate Courses, including Module creation. Lecturing to Leisure Co and Fitness First, Sports Girl, Fantastic Furniture and others 2003-2004

Road Manager Ian Moss Band 2005-2006

Continuation of PT business 2004-present

Tamworth Music Festival Event Production and Associated work (4 x Festivals)

Groundswell Music Festival Event Production (2 x Festivals)

M.C. Billy Hyde’s Music Events

Customer Service Training Billy Hyde’s Music Stores

RTO Trainer and Assessor Cert 3 and Cert 4 Fitness, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer 2012 – 2015

Re-registration to new ASCA 2011 and Completion of Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach requirements 2012,

Professional Coaches Scheme Inductee 2015 P.C.A.S.

A.S.C.A Pro-Scheme Mentor appointment 2016-ongoing

International Speaker on Elite Training topics, Plymouth University, Featured Public Speaker Plymouth Aquarium, Newquay, University of South Wales, Sports Medicine International Conference Speaker 2018, 2019.

Pictorial History Snippets

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