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Clive was a wonderful instructor. Very informative and friendly 

I was very impressed with the professionalism showed by Clive Rodell today."

Our trainer was fantastic, very informative and incredibly helpful and approachable. He did a great job of teaching the core of the information required but also was able to extend us and help us think beyond and into the real life scenarios and think about our plan B's. Fantastic, it made me consider doing further study if there are teachers out there like that. Thank you "


Anthony Rodier

Hey Clive! A very long time ago at Harbord Diggers gym you gave me my first gym program which worked very well. The principles you explained are still at the core of my training 20 years later. I now work as a Physiotherapist and often pass on bits and pieces based on what you shared with me. Thanks Clive. Imagine how many people you have influenced!! Legend.


Sally McGrath

Clive trained me for years and it was the strongest I have been. Upper body strength has always challenged me and Clive found ways to improve my strength for a lean and toned appearance. I felt great in my clothes and this created a elevated level of confidence, energy and improved posture. Technique is a focus for Clive and I always knew I was training with a competent and capable trainer, down time with injuries related to poor technique was not an option for me. Clive knows his craft and is a very experienced trainer with industry credibility, teaching and training expertise as well. I would train with Clive again anyday.

Andrew Shepherd As a chiropractor I have been collaborating with Clive for a couple of years now and I can say with all sincerity that his skill, experience and personable approach have worked wonders for the patients I have referred to him. In terms of rehab and strength and conditioning the results speak for themselves. Thanks again Clive!

Suzanne de Monchaux Hurrah for Clive!! My physio and Clive worked together to ensure my successful recovery following a neck injury. Clive's strengths include his experience in training and rehabilitation programs, his empathy and his wonderful sense of humour.

Jonas Ottosson I have trained with Clive for a number of years, what stands out for me with Clive is first of all he doesn't spend half the training session on his phone or looking in the mirror at himself, he actually pays attention to you.

Clive has so much knowledge and experience in training and fitness and even though there was times where I could have punched him for making me hurt so much he just kept on pushing and pushing so you would get the results you're after, just recently I got very sick and spent a long time in hospital with numerous surgeries etc and according to the doctors my level of fitness is what kept me alive and that is something Clive has played a big part in by just being Clive. He is the kind of guy that will correct you if you are doing something wrong even if its not during your training session, he has the same passion for training and fitness as I do for cooking, posture,,, what can I say, he loves it, my back loves Clive and the chiropractor lost a customer ha ha, there is so much to say but why not book a session and experience it for yourself, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed

Carly Simpson Clive has been helping me get back into shape after having a baby last July. He seems to know each session how I am feeling as soon as I arrive at the gym and before I even say anything and adjusts our training session accordingly.

Florence Caruette Harrod Oh hey Clive... Great to see you there and well deserved... For anyone who is looking for a REAL person and is happy to stay away from some of the young-full-of-muscles-and-puppy-energy trainers who seem to be crowding the gyms these days.

Leonie Kay Clive is a wonderful and very wise personal trainer who most certainly knows what he's doing. He has a wealth of knowledge so no matter what a client presents with, he has the knowledge of the correct exercises for that person.

Thomas Farrell I met Clive through a friend when I was at the Australian institute of Fitness to become a personal trainer. What Clive taught me was a wealth of knowledge that would take forever and a day to post here. He showed me much about posture, including my own needs. Clive taught me so much more than most Personal Trainers ever learn.

Dylana Lana If you are looking for a trainer who listens and creates a program especially for 'you' then look no further. Clive is a genius who made my workouts the best part of my day and got results!

Penny McCann My friend Ewa, who had been trained by Clive for some time, asked him if he would be able to do something about my bad posture. He agreed to take me on and whilst I had never been inside a gym in my life, right from the start Clive made me feel confident and made a huge difference to my health.

Harriet Cunningham Clive really knows his stuff. He took one look at me and said "no training for you till you've fixed xyz..." He worked with a physio professional to address the acute problems then followed up with training to consolidate. After a few sessions I was pain free for the first time in years, and feeling great about myself to boot. Highly recommended.

Siobhan Hughes Two years ago I was suffering intermittent back and groin pain and hobbling around the gym when I met Clive. He took me on and today I am fitter, stronger and more aware of how my body works and what I can do to make sure it stays fit and healthy even better than ever before!

David Turnbull Clive is one of a kind. I was wanting to attend a gym for years but never had the confidence. Clive changed that and I am now there 6 days a week knowing that my form is correct after careful guidance from The Duke. Clive 'gets it'! It's hard to explain, but it has to also be due to his vast experience and time spent training people, including high level athletes.

Mika Danph When I rejoined Fitness First I asked for a trainer that could prepare me to go on a surfing trip with my son and who "kept it real" (ie no 20 year old males that wax their chests). Clive fitted the bill perfectly, a surfer himself for 30 years plus, who had coached and trained surfers at World Class level.

John Cunningham Great trainer! I went to him to fix my back; he fixed my knees as well, not to mention sorting out plenty of other aches & pains (he's not kidding when he says he focuses on posture). He keeps the sessions entertaining at the same time as working you :) I'd recommend Clive any time!

Nick Armitage Clive set me some training programmes several years ago which I found really helpful. He's a great guy with diverse interests including playing the drums. I haven't been a member of FF Mosman for years but often see Clive in the area and have a quick chat. Maybe I should start a spring training campaign under his tutelage.

Katie Carlton Working out with Clive has allowed us to do so many things we never thought we could do. From Clive making us feel comfortable and confident going into the weight rooms, to doing exercises we thought only the pros could do. He is a stickler for technique and doing things properly - it is always quality over quantity! He is definitely the go to man for condition and proper technique training!! Thank you Clive!!!!

Course Comments;

I loved that everything was explained simply and in an easy way to use. Adaptable to use with clients and members.

Great Training Tweaks, like the 'Pole Dance' and Cable Pullover work.


An absolute Pleasure, I hope we work together one day.

The Interactive nature of Run Timing, turned everything into constructive discussions.

A great Course, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Loved the Content.

Lots of critique and brainstorming of errors in Movement Patterns.

Lots of little tips, new exercises.

Time to ask questions on specific sports was most helpful.

Thanks Clive, I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop, loads of 'hands on' practical sessions and great technique tips to use with clients.

The Squat Technique Practical was most helpful.

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